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Product Importer and Distributor


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Buenatech Incorporated is an established company, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has its License to Operate (LTO) from Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


Buenatech has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust from its clients through a simple principle that we follow, “We aim for your satisfaction”.


Buenatech is a leading provider of quality Empty Hard Capsules serving pharmaceutical and dietary supplement markets in the country.

Having more than decades of experience working with pharmaceutical and supplements manufacturer, we are expertly positioned to support their goals.  We offer many ways to customize capsules and our technical service support ensuring that capsules offer superior performance on filling machines to optimize productivity and profitability.

The company has diversify its product line and services in order to supplement the packaging requirements of its clients by providing quality Aluminum Foil Packaging, PVC Rigid Films, Tea Filter Paper, Glass Bottles, Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Machinery among others.

Buenatech has been partnering and supporting domestic herbal producers by promoting and marketing herbal raw materials to dietary and food industries.


We aim to be an excellent and most admired business partner to our customers

and stakeholders.


To aim for customer’s satisfaction by providing competitiveness, quality products and reliable services.  To strengthen the acceptability of our brands and continuously improve our business process leading to an efficient sales and after sales services.


Harnessing the creative energies of our people through team work and develop

a transparent work environment.


 We will maintain our sense of responsibility and establishing trustworthy life-long relationships with our customers, employees and shareholders.


Act Ethically and with Integrity

Simply do the right thing…… We believe that it is our moral obligation to do what is right for our customers, our partners and colleagues.  We will ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions.


Commitment to Quality

 To provide and deliver products and services without shortchanging customers. “Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking”- Henry Ford.

Customer Focus

We unite as a team placing our customer’s needs ahead of our own

to provide value and customer satisfaction.

Respect and Teamwork

We treat our customers, employees and partners with respect, supporting each other throughout to ensure we maximize performance while creating an atmosphere of trust.

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