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Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Blister Foil

- High quality foils ensuring high barrier against light, moisture and gases.

- Exceptionally performs well on blistering process with minimal wastage.

Thickness: 25 microns

Width Size: Ranges from 89mm to 280mm

Printing: 1 to 4 colors print process

Blister foil 2.jpg

Laminated Aluminum Foil

- It enhances the product integrity and increases vapor barrier characteristics.

- Widely used for tablets, pills, capsules, candy, etc.  It is easy to tear and seals at low temperature.

Structure: AL/Polyethylene (PE) ; Paper/PE

Sizes: Ranges from 70mm to 210mm

Printing: 1 to 4 colors print process

Laminated foil 2.jpg

Alu Cold Form Foil

- Widely used in blister packaging, an excellent multilayered structure designed for high sensitive range of medicine which are highly hygroscopic or light sensitive.

- Superior forming characteristics and excellent thermal stability.

Structure: OPA/AL/PVC

Aluminum Cold Form 2.jpg

Wrapper foil

- Widely use in packaging of chocolate bars, coin or ball and other confectionery products.

- To protect the product against light and humidity, prevents releases of fat form of chocolate, preserves the aroma.

- Offers wide variety of wrappers, design to ensure food safety, deliver optimum machine performance.

Wrapper foil.jpg

Aluminum Foil





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Blister Foil
Laminated Foil

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